Conservatism in Massachusetts is Alive and Well

December 5, 2012

In the classic Christmas Movie “White Christmas” there is a scene when the four main characters arrive on a train in Vermont to find there is no snow. I believe Bing Crosby says something like “The only thing harder to find is a Democrat.” I used to feel the same way about Conservatives here in Massachusetts.

This last election cycle has begun to change my mind. Conservatism in Massachusetts is alive and well, if somewhat bruised and battered. I believe November 6, 2012 was a wakeup call for conservatives here in Massachusetts. We learned a lot of things in November, and realized there needs to be changes made.

A little history

People in New England, especially natives, tend to be a different breed. For the most part, we have those old Yankee traits of working hard, trusting and minding our own business. It’s this trusting thing that gets us into trouble. In our case here in Massachusetts we made the mistake of trusting the state’s Republican Party leadership. We actually believed them when they said they were conservatives and believed in conservative principles. We believed them when they said they were just like us. We said nothing.

We were wrong. We were lied to. We were bamboozled. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, even though I am on the second half of my century, I only recently became active in politics. So maybe I don’t know what a conservative really is. Maybe my definition is different than the Massachusetts Republican establishments. Somehow though I don’t think it’s me. Conservatism to me means fiscal responsibility, free markets, believing in the Constitution, believing the Founding Fathers were right and that it is not the Government’s job to take care of those who refuse to take care of themselves. If I am wrong on these points then I’ll call myself something else.

Massachusetts GOP Accomplishments?

On November 14, the Massachusetts Republican Committee held a meeting to critique the election results. There was much joy because after all “We had reached the Super Bowl” Maybe so, but we lost. Yes they were quite proud of their “accomplishments”. Again, I know I shouldn’t get mired in definitions, but I am not sure not electing a President, losing a Senate seat to a leftist nut, not gaining one Congressional seat even with the corrupt Congressman we have and not gaining anything in the state legislature is an accomplishment. In fact there were over 80 seats in the state legislature which were not even contested.

But these are what the MA GOP committee claims are accomplishments. And it is these accomplishments that, at least in my opinion, have finally shaken the Conservatives out of the trees and calling them to action. They are fed up with the Republican party and even some Democrats are fed up with their party as well. They are fed up with having no say in what the party does, where it spends or doesn’t spend its money, and having candidates who don’t believe in the same ideals that they do, shoved down their throats. (Regarding Democrats, ask how many in the state wanted Elizabeth Warren as their candidate. All others candidates were forced out of the primaries.)

I am proud to say there is a resurgence of the Conservative movement in my state. There are those of us who still believe and are working to bring all together to make change. Whether it is changing the established Republicans or some other course, change is coming. It won’t be easy and it needs to start at the bottom, but it is coming.

And I am pretty sure it isn’t only in Massachusetts where this is happening, but throughout the country as well. Except maybe Vermont.

Copyright 2012 Paul Roy



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