I Know I’m an Evil Republican

December 22, 2012

Here in beautiful Massachusetts we have a problem. Really we have a lot of problems, but at least in the political spectrum, they all seem to stem from place: The fact that we have a one party system on Beacon Hill. Okay, okay, in reality we have a two party system, but since the overwhelming majority is Democrat and some of the Republicans are certainly questionable.

For example in yesterday’s Boston Herald, we learn the most of the recommendations on EBT reform have been ignored by the legislature.

The panel reviewing the EBT system took a pass on major reforms yesterday, but Republicans are promising a fight in the state Legislature in the new year to fix the abuse-ravaged system once and for all.

I know, we Republicans are so evil and mean because we don’t want all those poor folks out there to be able to use our money to purchase those necessities of life , like tattoos, hair extensions, lottery tickets or liquor. After all, you got to look good when you hit the local club.

Well I suppose I can just trust the Democrats, after all they tell us this just isn’t the case, again from the same article :

Opponents of tougher measures argued there’s not enough evidence of widespread EBT card abuse.

It doesn’t matter that the Herald, Fox25 News and even the Boston Globe have had undercover investigations which have uncovered this abuse.  The EBT system is a system where people are allowed to receive cash on their EBT cards (which you and I pay for through our taxes) and pretty much spend it as they wish.

Rep. Shaunna O’Connell (R), who since her election has fought for reform of the system sums it up nicely as quoted in the Herald article:

“Basically the only thing this report does is recommend more education for clients and more enforcement, but that’s subject to appropriation, which means it’s never going to happen,” O’Connell said.


I guess like everything else in this state it is just business as usual. Whether it’s abuse of EBT cards, the fact that some criminals like child molesters deserve a second chance and are let out of jail, if they go at all,  and even though another Democrat pleaded guilty to voter fraud, we don’t need voter ID laws, our one party state legislature turns a blind eye. “Nothing to see here folks. Move along.”



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