Let Them Eat Cupcakes

December 10, 2012

What happens when true conservatives have had enough of the republican nonsense? What happens when they get tired of the likes of John Boehner trying to convince us that he is a conservative? They get angry. And once they get angry they decide to do something about it. In Massachusetts a group of these angry conservatives have decided to form a new group called the “Massachusetts Conservative Assembly” to combat the dilution of the Republican party. Keep in mind, Massachusetts is the bluest of blue states and any battle is an uphill one when going against the Democratic machine, but it becomes even harder when the Republican State Committee is almost as blue as the Dems. These are the ones (Republican State Committee) who were elated because we were in the “Super Bowl”. Evidently winning isn’t as important to them as just showing up.

Now I could go on and on about the “cupcake society” we live in here in Massachusetts, where everyone gets a cupcake just for participating, that might be fine in kindergarten, but in politics cupcakes are for, well cupcakes. The state committee had no plan, no communication, no real goals and no execution. We lost a senate seat to a candidate who is more left than John Kerry, even though Scott Brown was not quite as conservative as some would have liked, at least he was almost conservative. We gained no House seats, instead reelecting the husband of a convicted felon and another Kennedy. And at the state level, we had 81 seats go UNCONTESTED.

And people wonder why we are angry? And even worse, the republican state committee had no plans for the future, no proposals and no idea as to what should be done. Like the national party their answer seems to be “Let’s become more like the Democrats!” Sorry, that just ain’t going to work.

A new group has been formed in Massachusetts called the Massachusetts Conservative Assembly. The

y are bringing everyone together, no matter what stripe they are, no matter what “group” they belong to, as long as they believe in true American conservatism. You know things like, free enterprise, free speech, freedom of religion, the Second Amendment, personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, you know, little things.

The only way for conservatives to take back the republican party is to begin replacing the establishment, old school, republicans, who are no longer conservatives and replacing them with people who actually believe in conservative principles. This group is taking the first step.

The answer for conservatism is not to change to be more like the liberals, but instead to change to be more like conservatives. When this happens, then we’ll let the left eat the cupcakes, we’ll eat the caviar.




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