To the Fiscal Cliff and Beyond

January 1, 2013

Have you heard the one about the Republicans who warned Barack Obama about cheer leading as the country goes over the “Fiscal Cliff”?

Well according to the Washington Times that is exactly what they did Monday after the President held a rally, effectively taking a “victory lap” after “forcing them to concede on tax increases”. I have a word of advice for the Republicans, I don’t think the President or anyone else for that matter, are listening to you.

Joe is the only one without his thumbs up his… from


Once again you have shown the world how dysfunctional you really are. You don’t have a leader, you don’t have a plan, you have become as big a part of the problem in Washington as your opponents. You have all become the same, self-serving politicians who care nothing about your constituents, but only concerned about “going along to get along”, making sure you get reelected, gaining more power along the way, becoming just another professional, life-time politician.

And I don’t want to hear how terrible it is that you had to work over the holidays to reach an agreement. You didn’t have to wait so long, it isn’t like you didn’t know this was coming. I don’t need to hear you whining on the Sunday talk shows, I don’t need to hear you complaining about hard you work, I don’t need to hear about how no one can work together and get anything done, and I certainly don’t want to hear you justify your latest pay increase.

Here is another tidbit, this one from

“It shouldn’t have taken this long to come to an agreement, and this shouldn’t be the model for how we do things around here,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who negotiated the agreement with Vice President Joe Biden.

You’re right Mitch, it shouldn’t have taken this long, and it shouldn’t be the model of how things are done, but it did and it is. You all seem so surprised that this happened, but it is no different than with anything else. You procrastinate, delay, argue, put-off on anything of real importance to the people you supposedly represent, you know the ones who pay your bloated salaries and do nothing.

It is time for a change and we have two years to prepare. We, as Conservative need to start finding real conservatives to run in 2014. We, as a country, can no longer afford to pay people to do nothing, like we do now with all our congress people. We need to change, or we are doomed.



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