Welcome to Taxachusetts, Hold on to Your Wallets

January 22, 2013

I suppose everyone thought I had disappeared from the blogging world, but alas, no, I have just been working, getting ready for the new round of taxes which are coming to we residents of Massachusetts. It seems our Governor, being the good Democrat he is, is going to raise all our taxes so we can continue to pay for all the programs we have and don’t need.

Yup it seems that “Tax em all” Deval is going to raise taxes by $1.9 million. He wants to raise the income tax by 1%, from 5.5 to 6.25%, and then he is talking about raising the gas tax and raising tolls and even adding new ones. We’ll have all the gory details tomorrow, but it won’t be pretty, at least not for those f us who actually work for a living.

“Trust me. I’m from te government.”

It’s funny though, no one mentions cutting spending as a way to close the budget. No one mentions the fraud and abuse of the welfare system or all the free stuff we give to illegal immigrants in this state. Nope, we can’t save any money there.

But what really gets me is how our esteemed governor keeps telling us how we need to improve the transportation infrastructure. According to him, we need to upgrade the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) more affectionately known as the “T”. Of course they neglect to tell you how much money we have already thrown into the “T”, an entity which hasn’t made money in years. Perhaps we should look atĀ eliminatingĀ all those patronage jobs and bloated salaries and pensions first? Better yet, why don’t we privatize it? And like any good democrat, Patrick insists we need high speed rail throughout the state, we just need to have a quicker way to get from Boston to Springfield. Of course you realize that most people in Boston have no idea where Springfield is and certainly can’t think of any reason to go there.

Yup, let’s raise taxes and make it harder on the working people. Pretty soon there will be no reason to stay here, well unless you are an illegal alien or a state worker.



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