You Think it’s Easy

February 12, 2013

And you think it”s tough being a conservative in your state, try being one here in Massachusetts. As you have probably heard, we have an open Senate seat in our state as the career politician, John Kerry who has been a Senator for way to long has moved on up the ladder. This means we will soon have a special election to replace him, and of course this means we need a candidate.  And our Massachusetts Republican Committee has found the perfect one.

Gabriel Gomez Senate

Gabriel Gomez is entering the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts to replace Sec. of State John Kerry (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Yes, the new “Golden Boy” of the party has taken out his papers and has announced his candidacy. His name is Gabriel Gomez of Cohasset, a businessman and former Navy Seal. He says he will be an independent voice, and an outsider. He comes from a family which immigrated from Columbia and is bi-lingual. Everything we Republicans could ever ask for. Except for one thing, he has a history of supporting Democrats like Barack Obama in 2008.

When is the Republican party in the Commonwealth going to realize that a republican will never win in this state until they actually find a real one? And even then they won’t stand much of a chance. Take Scott Brown for example. First, if I recall correctly, Brown was not the Republican choice when he first ran in the special election of 2009. He won the primaries so they had no choice but to back him. Once he was elected then he was their favorite. He won because the Democrats didn’t take him seriously and many Democrats stayed home and the Tea Party managed to get out the vote. In 2012, when he ran for reelection, he lost even though all polls showed people liked him, thought he was doing a good job and believed he was doing what was right for the state. His problem? He was a Republican. Even though  Brown trashed the Republican party brand every chance he had, he still lost. The voters in Massachusetts, mostly Democrats, don’t want someone who is going to do good things for the state, they want someone who is going to vote the Democratic Party line.

So now the Republicans seem to be backing Gomez, at least unofficially. On the surface he is the perfect “Republican”, the son of immigrants, bi-lingual, a businessman, a Washington outsider, who could possibly object to him? You mean other than true conservatives and the Democrats? Not this Conservative, that’s for sure.



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